November 28, 2023

Big Brother 25 spoilers: Felicia second-guesses targeting Jared, Cirie


What a difference a day makes. After being gung-ho about targeting Jared and Cirie on Monday on “Big Brother 25,” Felicia wasn’t so sure anymore by Tuesday.

As she told Mecole, her “spirit is saying to shift.” Felicia realized that Jag and Blue “used the same language” when they talked to her about taking out the Fieldses, so now she’s spooked that they can’t trust their new alliance, so to speak, and thinks that they might be badmouthing her to Jared and Cirie. She still doesn’t trust Jared and Cirie, but she thinks once they’re gone, she and Mecole will be next on the hit list. Felicia asked if they should give Jared and Cirie a heads-up and Mecole said they should just stay in the middle since Jared and Cirie are going to be targeted anyway and Cirie was unlikely to target the two of them if she wins the next HOH, so they just have to figure out who to evict between the two of them.

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But Felicia soon had another epiphany during her chat with Cory, who told her that he had heard that Felicia said he, Jag and America have a final three. Felicia denied saying that but said she had heard that too. It took her a hot second before she realized Cirie had told her. On Monday, after telling Felicia that, Cirie told Blue that Felicia told her about the alleged final three to see if it would get out. And it did. What’s funny about this is that Jared and Cirie should just tell Felicia and Mecole their secret because that would explain so much of their shady behavior. It certainly can’t make things much worse. Felicia tried to suss things out with people, most of whom reiterated that they’re still going after Jared and Cirie next. But that’s not entirely accurate because Blue, getting misted by Jared again, told Matt that she can’t nominated Jared and Cirie and do Cory and America’s dirty work for them. Who knows how true that is thought.

Meanwhile, Jared is still clueless as ever, thinking Cory would nominate Mecole and Bowie, and once again dismissing intel from his mom, who said Mecole might team up with the others. There was some minor talk about flipping the vote to keep Cameron and break up Americory, but nothing serious that took hold, so the plan is still for Cam to walk out the door on Thursday.

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