September 23, 2023

Big Brother 25 power rankings: America Lopez leads at Top 11


We’re midway into Week 7 on “Big Brother 25,” with repeat Head of Household Jared Fields priming a possible backdoor of Cameron Hardin while using Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez as the initial (pawn) nominees for eviction. Last week, the game was flipped on its head for the son-mother duo of Jared and Cirie Fields when America initiated a big move against them by convincing Cory to work to get the house to vote out their closest ally Izzy Gleicher.

Will the Power of Veto comp fall in favor of Jared’s backdoor plan? And if so, what will come of the fractured friendship between Cory and Jared? The chaos won’t end soon as Julie Chen Moonves let us in on this week’s schedule that culminates in a double eviction on Thursday, September 21.

Below, read our first power rankings of the season for the Top 11 as we anticipate who will come out of the week unscathed and which players will be eyeing their spot as a juror or potential winner. We included racetrack odds of each player according to Gold Derby user predictions as of this writing.

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1. America Lopez (6/1 odds)

On a season with “Survivor” legend Cirie, it is not easy to make a name for yourself as a strategic threat, but America managed to in a major way when she engineered the elimination of Izzy. Though Cory and Matt did a lot of the legwork to flip the votes of Jag, Mecole and Bowie to save Felicia, it was America that opened Cory’s eyes to the need to dismantle the Izzy-Cirie-Jared tri-force. America has shown she has an eye for strategy and an ear to the social game. While the showmance with Cory could prove to be her Achilles heel and lead to a premature eviction, as long as Cory is still in the game she’s likely to continue to slide just under the radar. Letting America get anywhere close to the finale is dangerous for the player that goes against her because America is one of the few players left we’re confident can tell a compelling story about what she did to deserve the jury’s vote.

2. Felicia Cannon (56/1 odds)

Last year’s champion Taylor Hale set the precedent that you can be nominated in Week 1 and go on to win the whole thing, all while being the fan favorite from beginning to end. If anyone is primed to follow in Taylor’s footsteps, it is Felicia. Now that the house saved her in order to take out Izzy, Felicia’s place in the house is much more secured, especially if the attention remains on the Jared-Cirie situation for a couple more weeks. The closer everyone else gets to the end, the more concerned they’ll be with challenge threats that Felicia will appear to be the perfect player to sit next to at the end. They’d be silly to underestimate Felicia’s ability to spin the underdog narrative to a winning advantage though.

3. Cory Wurtenberger (9/2 odds)

Cory’s life in the game is on the edge this week with Jared sitting in the upstairs throne. Despite being wholly right in the pre-eviction argument with Jared, Cory is now facing elimination unless he can win the Veto or Jared sticks to his plan to backdoor Cameron. If he can’t win the Veto and save himself, Cory’s game will be entirely in the hands of Jared and the rest of the house. His best chance of staying may be sitting next to America at the end of the week since he’s more likely to get the support of the house, but would he sacrifice his spot to save his showmance? A lot hangs in the balance for Cory, but if he can get through this week then he will be one of the most formidable players in the game due to his relationship with America and his strengthened bonds with Matt and Jag.

4. Matt Klotz (17/5 odds)
5. Jag Bains (18/1 odds)

Matt and Jag occupy a peculiar spot currently — each once closely aligned with Cirie and Jared, but now picking up the pieces to form a new alliance against them. They should remain safe through Jared’s HOH which should give Cirie time to mend some fences with them and undo all of the mess her son created. Matt and Jag come out of the whole affair better than anyone else, really, because they have an open pass to go after Jared-Cirie, but could just as easily play the middle between them and America-Cory to see which pair comes out best. Between the two, Matt has a better social game and so he’ll probably last longer, while Jag, who has proven himself much more in the challenges, could become a threat worth taking out sooner rather than later.

6. Mecole Hayes (9/1 odds)
7. Blue Kim (50/1 odds)
8. Bowie Jane (54/1 odds)

Also comfortably in the middle of the house at this point are Mecole, Blue and Bowie. It hasn’t been shown in the episodes yet, but Blue and Jared had a bit of a falling out over the lies that Cory accused Jared of since he also lied to Blue about the same fake alliances. Because of that, Blue can also play it safely between the competing forces in the house right now, just as Mecole and Bowie have been all season. With the season veering toward a “take out the threats” dynamic rather than a “floaters grab your life vests” one, this trio are very likely going to be one third of the final nine players in the game. Whether two or any of them make it to the final two chairs, we’re not sure, but a potential block of three “floaters” on the jury could mean very unexpected results when Julie reads the names on the keys during finale night.

8. Jared Fields (28/1 odds)
9. Cirie Fields (5/1 odds)

Has there ever been a bigger implosion than what Jared caused last week? His antics and lies took Izzy out of the game and primed the house to deal a near-fatal blow to Cirie’s master plan. Because of her reputation it would be silly to count Cirie out, but she’s shown that she is more willing to support Jared’s progress in the game on his terms rather than dictate the game in order to get herself at the top. For that reason, we have to place Jared above Cirie, assuming that eventually she will sacrifice her own position in the game in order to save his. Perhaps if/when one of them goes out the other may have a fighting chance to gain some power back, but as it stands, they’ll have a huge target on their back during the double eviction and won’t have enough time in that hour to convince their former allies to trust them again.

11. Cameron Hardin (37/1 odds)

He may be the most astute player in the game, but Cameron’s cockiness and willingness to win challenge after challenge and make big moves as HOH will be his downfall. With Jared’s wheels turning in favor of backdooring Cameron, there is little Cameron can do besides win the Veto to save himself. But if he goes up against America or Cory, just a few days after the whole house rallied around their plan to blindside Izzy, then his ticket out of the house will be set. If he somehow escapes this week’s first eviction, Cameron may need to win the double eviction HOH or POV in order to save himself again, but even still, if he survives this entire week, Cameron will have had to double his win record, putting him even more in the spotlight as the game’s biggest threat. As such, it’s impossible for us to imagine any path for Cameron to become the season winner.

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