September 24, 2023

Fire Country, which is headed into its sophomore season in 2024, was a smash hit for CBS in the 2022-2023 television year. The first responder drama stuck out due to its focus on Cal Fire, a state agency that in real life focuses on protecting natural resources on land from fire.

In the show, Bode Donovan finds himself at Three Rock Fire Camp in Edgewater, CA after his parole is denied but he’s granted entry into a firefighting program that will reduce his sentence if he works it and shows good behavior. Being back in town, where both of his parents are Cal Fire royalty, is difficult especially in the face of his father Vince’s resentment and relentless disappointment. His mother Sharon, however, is hoping his time back in his old stomping grounds will do him and their family some good.

Each episode focuses on the firefighters at the camp as well as at Station 42 where his father is Battalion chief and his childhood best friends, Jake and Eve, work as well. Under the guidance of his own captain, Manny Perez, Bode begins to find a sense of purpose and build new relationships as he strives to be better. He also develops a close bond with Manny’s daughter, Gabriela, who is coming off of a career as an Olympic diver and is trying to find her next steps.

The show’s first season is soon to be available on DVD. Is it worth the purchase? Here’s our review!

Fire Country season 1 DVD specs

Fire Country

Release date: Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023

List price: $39.99

Special Features:

  • “Playing With Fire: The Visual Effects of Fire Country
  • “Catching Fire: A Look At Season One”
  • Gag reel

Runtime: 945 minutes (15 hours, 45 minutes)

Age rating: Not Rated. The series runs as a TV-14 program on CBS. It has some mild sexual content, violence and gore, profanity, alcohol consumption, and moderate intense and frightening sequences due to the genre.

Six grey discs comprise the set, each is marked by a disc number and featuring episode titles on the front to assist with watching in order or easily watching a specific episode. For information on what each episode is about, you’ll need to remove the cover sleeve. Disc Six contains the Special Features listed above. The DVD has four disc ports and a disc port insert to house the two other discs. Handle with care while removing as the discs overlap.

Other specs: Widescreen, English 5.1 Dolby Digital, and English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing. There aren’t other language options for subtitles.

Is the Fire Country season 1 DVD worth the price?

If you’re a fan and you’re interested in adding the series to your collection, then yes, it’s worth the purchase. However, I’d suggest holding off on buying the DVD set if you haven’t watched the show.

While I do highly recommend Fire Country as a series, what viewers want from a first responder drama can differ strongly. This one is very dramatic and at times soapy. Sometimes the cases are outlandish. There’s a heavy focus on character dynamics that are often heightened by emotion and past dust-ups. It’s the kind of first responder series that’s more about the story than it is about accurately depicting the day-to-day cases the real life Cal Fire firefighters deal with year round.

As for the Special Features, they’re not a big draw. “Catching Fire: A Look At Season One,” is on the last disc for the set which is unfortunate considering it’s a lightly spoiler-filled overview of the first season. If you’ve watched all 22 episodes, the content of the featurette doesn’t provide further insight into the overall story or the characters. The footage featured, however, is from interviews the cast did explaining their characters and their impactful relationships.

“Playing With Fire: The Visual Effects of Fire Country,” in contrast, is a solid featurette that’s led by the show’s visual effects supervisor Colin Strause. It’s all about how fire is its own character in the series and the work that goes into making sure that the effects look realistic and indistinguishable from the live footage that’s shot.

The on-set visual effects supervisor Joel Sevilla also details how the nail-biting bridge scene from episode 8, “Bad Guy,” was created and you’d be surprised what’s CGI. As for the gag reel, it’s plenty funny and a highlight of the set but, unfortunately, a bit on the short side.

Verdict: The Fire Country season 1 DVD set is best for fans of the series. It’s by no means a collector’s item, but you’ll want it to be a part of your physical media collection if you’re a fan. If you haven’t watched the show, check out it on Paramount+ before purchasing.

Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more Fire Country news and coverage! Season 2 has been held until 2024. Click here for more release updates.


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