September 23, 2023

Best Coop Games OnApple Arcade To Play With Friends


Gaming is unanimously acknowledged to be one of the best stress-bursting activities, and the multiplayer aspect only acts as an experience enhancer. Only a few activities can claim to be as fun as a good gaming session with friends. Keeping note of this fact, Apple Arcade features an awesome catalog of multiplayer games to choose from.

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This transcends genres and includes games ranging from action to adventure. However, there is a price tag attached to this experience as a monthly charge for Arcade services so just be aware. If you are already playing Apple Arcade with friends, or are looking to do so, check out these options.

8 Overland

Overland is a turn-based strategy game where you navigate through post-apocalyptic environments. You’ll need to manage limited resources, make tough decisions, and engage in tactical combat against various creatures to survive. Cooperative gameplay allows you and your friends to strategize together to overcome challenges.

In a world devastated by an apocalypse, gather your friends to scavenge for resources, face off against menacing creatures, and navigate through a series of life-or-death decisions. As you work together to survive, you’ll need to strategize, prioritize, and adapt to the ever-changing challenges of this post-apocalyptic setting.

7 Crossy Road Castle

A friendly multiplayer game of Crossy Road Castle with four players, namely, P1, P2, P3 and P4

In Crossy Road Castle, you and your companions control the characters as they ascend levels within a tower, navigating platforms, traps, and enemies. Friends can join in to collaboratively conquer challenging levels by coordinating jumps, timing, and teamwork.

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As you leap, dodge, and collaborate your way to the top, the levels progressively become more intricate, offering a blend of exciting gameplay and teamwork that’s perfect for hours of cooperative entertainment.

6 Hot Lava

Players Parkouring over a lava floor in Hot Lava

Hot Lava takes the childhood concept of “the floor is lava” and transforms it into a dynamic digital challenge. It requires you to navigate various environments while avoiding the floor that’s turned into lava. Collaboration and fast reflexes are essential to conquer challenging obstacle courses.

Embark on a nostalgic adventure turned exciting multiplayer experience. Gather your friends and race through environments filled with obstacles, traps, and, of course, molten lava. Utilize Parkour skills, teamwork, and quick reflexes to navigate the treacherous paths and conquer the game’s exhilarating platforming puzzles.

5 Lego Brawls

LEGO Knight rider colliding with another player in LEGO Brawls

Unleash your imagination and creativity in Lego Brawls which offers multiplayer battles where players customize their Lego characters and compete in various arenas. Collaborate with friends to outscore opponents by using an array of creative weapons and power-ups.

Once you’re ready, jump into fast-paced battles where you can brawl with opponents. The combination of character customization, action-packed gameplay, and the iconic Lego universe makes this a multiplayer experience that’s both engaging and endlessly enjoyable.

4 Pac-Man Party Royale

Multiplayer gameplay in PAC-MAN Party Royale

Revisit a classic with a modern twist in Pac-Man Party Royale. This modern take on Pac-Man involves racing against friends in a unique take on the arcade classic. The last Pac-Man standing wins, and power-ups add strategic depth to the gameplay.

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This multiplayer game lets you and your friends take on the roles of iconic Pac-Man characters as you compete in a vibrant and fast-paced game of survival. Race to collect pellets while avoiding colorful ghosts, and use power-ups strategically to gain an edge over your opponents. The game’s charming visuals and competitive nature make it a fantastic choice for multiplayer gatherings.

3 Spaceland

Three players about to fight a monster in Spaceland

Embark on an adventure with Spaceland, a tcooperative tactical RPG that requires strategic thinking and teamwork. You control a team of space rangers, engaging in turn-based battles against alien creatures. Strategize with friends to overcome challenges and progress through alien landscapes.

As you and your friends navigate through challenging environments that will test the best, you’ll need to make tactical decisions, utilize unique abilities, and work together to ensure your survival in the face of formidable adversaries.

2 Outlanders

Screengrabs from Outlanders depicting organic village-building

Build and manage a bustling medieval town with your friends in Outlanders, a simulation game where players collaborate to build and manage a medieval town. Allocate resources, complete quests, and ensure the growth and prosperity of the community through strategic decision-making.

This charming simulation game invites you to collaborate and develop a thriving community. The cooperative gameplay, combined with the game’s delightful visuals, makes Outlanders a perfect choice for friends looking to embark on a shared virtual journey.

1 Sonic Racing

Sonic characters driving racing cars in Sonic Racing multiplayer Apple Arcade game

Experience the thrill of speed and competition in Sonic Racing, a multiplayer kart racing game that’s perfect for playing with friends. You can control iconic Sega characters and work together with friends in teams to outpace rivals, perform tricks, and utilize power-ups to cross the finish line first.

Team up and collaborate to outpace your rivals, executing tricks and using power-ups strategically to secure victory. The fast-paced races and vibrant environments capture the essence of the Sonic franchise, providing an exhilarating and team work-oriented multiplayer experience.

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