September 25, 2023

Becky G reveals the impact panic attacks had on her


Becky G is traveling across the United States with her tour “Mi Casa, Tu Casa.” Although the 26-year-old singer, actress, and businesswoman is known worldwide for her powerful vocals and impressive stage presence, the Mexican-American star revealed it hasn’t always been easy.

“There was many moments before going on to a stage, I mean, we’re talking full-blown tears, can’t breathe,” the singer revealed on the wellness podcast On Purpose With Jay Shetty.

Becky G performs during the Mi Casa, Tu Casa Tour at the United Palace Theater on September 15, 2023 in New York City.

Becky, known for her hits “Singing in the Shower,” “Sin Pijama,” and “MAMIII,” recently released her third album, Esquinas. “If you’ve had a panic attack, you know, the world is ending,” she shared, adding, “There’s also this subconscious part of you that’s like, ‘Girl, breathe. Just breathe. You know what this is.’ But your nervous system can’t tell the difference between the mental bear and the real bear that’s in the room. And there’s no bears in the room. So, like, chillax.”

“I didn’t know that was my body physically telling me ‘Something’s wrong. You’re not okay but because you’re scared to let other people down, you’re scared of what other people might say, [so] you push through anyways.’”

Becky G acknoledge having depression

“‘Oh yeah, I just have anxiety and depression, it’s normal. I just have panic attacks all the time.’ Like, no. Your body is telling you something,” she said.

Becky G©Angel Montalvo

“The body keeps count, the body keeps score of all of what you go through. If you don’t allow your body to feel it, somatically…[you get the] manifestation of the panic attacks and things like that,” she explained. “Anxiety and depression are not the diagnosis, they’re the result of [experiences].”

Becky G’s mantra to go through the day

“It makes me very proud of myself to know that I can look at myself every day in the mirror and say,‘ I know it’s going to be really hard and it’s going to be challenging and there’s going to be things that trigger a response from you, maybe that is second nature. We are going to take time to process. We’re gonna add some filters in your process that are better for you.’”

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