October 2, 2023

B&B’s Insecure Liam Spencer Must Stop Whining And Man Up


There’s no bigger drag than an insecure man, especially if you’re married to him. No wife wants to hear her husband hemming and hawing all the time, consumed with jealousy over another guy. That’s why Liam Spencer needs to stop whining and man up to keep Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Liam Spencer: Bold and the Beautiful Obsession

Of course, Liam (Scott Clifton) is justified in worrying about Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). He’s been obsessed with Hope (Annika Noelle) for years and pulled every trick in the book to lure her into his world. But that worry has turned into an obsession for Liam.

Thomas is all he thinks about and talks about, be it to Wyatt (Darin Brooks), Bill (Don Diamont), Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), and Hope. It’s getting old, tiresome, and unattractive. He’s coming off as needy and unconfident by constantly harping on the mistrust of his nemesis, and it’s only making the new and improved Thomas look that much more desirable.

Bold and the Beautiful: The New Thomas

While Liam mopes and whines, Thomas holds his head up high, doing his own thing and focusing on being a better man. He’s let go of his fixation on Hope. He’s put all his energy into his work, creating new designs for Hope for the Future in anticipation of watching the fashion line thrive. In the process, he’s come off as cool and self-assured, the antithesis of Liam, and a heck of a lot more attractive.

B&B: Time for a Change

While Hope has romantic thoughts and fantasies about Thomas, she’s determined not to act on them and to remain true to Liam and their family. Liam could seriously help his cause by making himself a more appealing husband, the kind of man Hope wants to be with.

He needs to work on becoming stronger and more secure, concentrate on becoming the best man he can be, and show that off to Hope. Heck, he could even start walking around their home shirtless a little bit more often, so Hope can appreciate the guy she has under her own roof. It will make Liam a lot more desirable, make Thomas look a lot less tempting, and, in the process, perhaps finally puts Liam’s worries to rest.

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