March 23, 2023

Batman Developed an Even Better Bat-Signal For Superman

Though the Bat-Signal is nearly as iconic as Batman himself, the hero fashioned an even better version for Superman. A new twist on an old classic shows the genius Bruce Wayne has added to his own ‘Super-Signal’.

There isn’t a fan of the Dark Knight alive who isn’t familiar with the Bat-Signal and the role it plays in Gotham. Perched atop the Gotham City Police Department, the Bat-Signal is a distress signal used by Commissioner Gordon or any other law official when in need of Batman’s assistance. No matter what Bruce has going on in his life, anytime the Bat-Signal is shining in the sky, he drops everything to respond as urgently as possible. Not only does it serve as an urgent cry for help from the Caped Crusader and his allies, it’s a warning to Gotham’s villains that Batman is on his way.


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Batman’s ‘Super-Signal’ Improves on the Original

However, it looks like Bruce has found an interesting way to improve on the Bat-Signal for his buddy, Superman. In Superman #710 by J. Michael Straczynski, Chris Roberson, Eddy Barrows, and Travel Foreman, Superman is passing through Utah when he comes across a woman nearly getting hit while crossing the street. After taking the woman back to work, Superman notices something strange in the clouds. Using his telescopic vision, he gets a closer look, realizing that it’s a secret signal that only those capable of peering into the far ends of the electromagnetic spectrum can see. Superman follows the ultraviolet rays back to their source where he discovers that Batman has set up the new ‘Super-Signal’. Clark kicks himself for not realizing only Batman would think to shine a signal into the sky.

It does seem a bit odd that Bruce would develop a signal to try and get Clark’s attention. After all, with his advanced Kryptonian senses, Superman can hear danger no matter where he is in the world. But that doesn’t take away from the unique signal that Batman developed to catch his friend’s eye. It takes Superman’s unique visual powers into account to effectively create a warning light that only Kryptonians can perceive. The Bat-Signal may be a classic piece of Batman lore, Bruce has upgraded it with Clark’s powers in mind to create a stealthier, improved signal.

Superman Has a Safer Version of the Bat-Signal

Bat-Signal DC Comics

While the Bat-Signal does serve to alert Batman to crime, it has the unfortunate side effect of also alerting criminals. While he almost always saves the day, the Bat-Signal doesn’t do Batman any favors in terms of private communication. The ‘Super-Signal’, however, is explicitly meant for Superman’s eyes only. Few, if any Superman villains can see in the range he can, making an ultraviolet House of El shield the perfect warning sign. It keys Superman in on any danger and doesn’t arouse suspicion among his foes. The Bat-Signal might be an icon, but Batman’s tweaks gave Superman a much better version.

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