June 6, 2023

Baby P’s evil mum ‘becomes friends with child killer’ who smothered daughter, 3, in halfway house after jail release


THE monster mother of Baby P has been caught making friends at her halfway house with a woman who murdered her own daughter.

Tracey Connelly, 41, went to jail for the cruelty and abuse she inflicted on her son, Peter, who died in 2007 aged only 17 months.


Tracey Connolly is out and about after being released from prison last yearCredit: Neil Jones – The Sun
Baby P's shocking abuse and death would shock the nation


Baby P’s shocking abuse and death would shock the nationCredit: PA:Press Association
New pals Connelly and Caudwell have allegedly struck up a friendship at their halfway house


New pals Connelly and Caudwell have allegedly struck up a friendship at their halfway house

The toddler suffered over 50 injuries at the hands of Connelly and evil stepdad Steven Barker and Barker’s brother Jason Owen in their home in Tottenham, North London.

Connelly’s crimes shocked the country to its core and despite a last minute government intervention to to keep her locked up, she was released in July last year after numerous failed attempts to secure parole.

Now, she’s reported to have been cosying up to Helen Caudwell, 54, who suffocated her daughter, Bethany, with a Piglet pyjama case before trying to kill herself in 2009.

Caudwell and Connelly are both staying at the same hostel in north England fresh from of prison.

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Hostel staff have allegedly told fellow residents of the halfway house to “be nice” to Connelly.

A source told The Mirror: “Tracey and Helen are mates… they’re always talking to each other.

“Tracey very rarely leaves the building. A couple of girls have been warned not to bully her. They’re told not to judge each other’s crimes.

“They hate what she did but they just have to live with it. If they say anything, they’re threatened with being recalled to prison.

“There are normal girls in there along with child killers. They just have to accept it. If Tracey does go out, she wears a mask or puts her hood up. She’s on a tag. But she just spends most of her time lounging around.”

Connelly was jailed in 2009 indefinitely for “causing or allowing the death of a child”.

Her partner, Steven Barker, was jailed for 12 years for torturing little Peter, while his brother was sentenced for six years for allowing the toddler to die.

It remains unclear who was actual responsible for the child’s death after the months of horrific abuse.

Steven was also handed a life sentence for the rape of a two-year-old girl alongside his savage abuse of Peter. He has been denied parole four times since 2017.

Two days after verdicts were delivered in the Baby P case in November 2008, Children’s Minister Ed Balls ordered an enquiry into the role of the local authority, NHS trust and police in the death of Peter Connelly.

In the months before Peter was killed he was seen by as many as 60 times by social service workers, health professionals and police officers who failed to protect him.

Two days before his death, he was seen by a paediatrician who missed multiple serous injuries, including a broken back.

She would be dismissed from her job, while a large-scale sacking would occur across Haringey council’s child services.

A series of following reviews would find clear missed opportunities that officials had to save the toddler’s life if they had properly identified the warning signs.

The tragedy would rock child protection services for years to come and the case would be used as a touchstone for all other reports of child abuse and neglect.

Meanwhile, Connelly is now out and about on the streets. The decision to release her last year the decision — first disclosed by The Sun — triggered outrage across the nation, including from her own relatives.

“Connelly gets chance after chance,” one of Peter’s relatives told The Sun.

“When will these people learn evil is evil? She’s fooled them before and fooled them again.”

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She is subject 20 licence conditions. They include wearing an electronic tag, a curfew and having her mobile and web use monitored and declaring any relationships she now forms.

Any breach could see her sent back to jail.

Connelly's release sparked outrage including a last-minute government intervention to try and prevent it


Connelly’s release sparked outrage including a last-minute government intervention to try and prevent itCredit: Kelvin Media

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