February 20, 2024

Ayana Taketatsu, Yūichi Nakamura Bond Over Cooking Ramen in Maruchan Anime Ads – Interest


Have you ever wanted telepathy? Maruchan Ramen’s newest commercial shows you how

Ramen noodles are some of the finest street foods out there. When instant ramen was released to the public in Japan in 1958, families across Japan, and later the world, could delight in ramen whenever they wanted. Among the leaders in ramen sales is Toyo Suisan Kaisha with its Maruchan Ramen Brand. Throughout the years, the company has released many iconic Maruchan Ramen commercials. Now, just in time for the Valentine’s Day season, Maruchan has released a new two-part animated commercial of a couple bonding over its ramen brand ZUBAAAN!

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Maruchan ZUBAAAN! presents
“For some reason, two people can speak telepathically when they’re eating ramen.”

The first part released.

Saki: CV. #竹達彩奈 (@Ayana_take)
Ken: CV. #中村悠一 (@nakamuraFF11)

🎧 Earphones recommended 🍜

The second part will be released on January 22nd (Monday)!

The first commercial features two college students, Saki (voiced by Ayana Taketatsu) and Ken (voiced by Yūichi Nakamura) making and then eating a bowl of ramen. However, the tweet featuring the commercial states, “While eating ZUBAAAN! You will have telepathic powers.” The commercial shows this with Saki and Ken talking about their relationship status in rather noncommittal ways.

While the first commercial ends on a pseudo cliffhanger, the second part takes viewers five years into the future. Here we see Saki and Ken packing up boxes for a move and decide to take a break by eating some ZUBAAAN! Unlike the first installment, the second gives us a little more detail into their relationship status: married. It was probably the bowl of ramen they shared in college as Ken asks, “It’s been a while since we’ve eaten ramen together, hasn’t it?” and Saki responds, “Yeah, some time before we got married.”

[Part 2]
Maruchan ZUBAAAN! presents “For some reason, two people can speak telepathically when they’re eating ramen.”

The story progresses “5 years later”.

Saki: CV. CV. #竹達彩奈 (@Ayana_take)
Ken: CV. #中村悠一 (@nakamuraFF11)

🎧 Earphones recommended 🍜


The two-part commercial is a cute little story that is sure to find its way into the pantheon of great Maruchan Ramen commercials. Both parts are available on Toyo Suisan Kaisha’s Twitter page and the compilation commercial is available on Maruchan’s YouTube channel. Who knows, maybe eating ZUBAAAN! will give you telepathy, or maybe it’s just Taketatsu and Nakamura who get the power when eating it.

Sources: Toyo Suisan’s Twitter account (link 2), Maruchan’s YouTube channel

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