May 29, 2023

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Is Leaving Netflix


The classic horror franchise, Evil Dead, will be returning with a new movie, Evil Dead Rise, which is set in a new setting, contrary to the franchise’s usual cabin in the woods landscape. The Sam Raimi-directed 1981 Evil Dead outing received positive reviews upon its release and has garnered a massive following, propelling itself into “cult classic” status. Of course, after receiving tremendous recognition, the film has since spawned a number of adaptations. And in addition to film franchises, the deadites’ tale scared its way onto the small screen with the 2015 Starz television series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. However, in news that will surely upset fans—particularly Netflix subscribers—the critically acclaimed television show will be leaving in April, so fans might want to catch up on all three seasons before the release of the franchise’s latest film iteration on April 18.


All 30 episodes of Ash vs. Evil Dead will be leaving the streaming platform just one week after the much-anticipated release of Evil Dead Rise, which is directed by Lee Cronin. While the removal is upsetting in itself already, it wasn’t the first time fans of the show received such terrible news when the television series wasn’t renewed for a fourth season back in 2018. In a season that would have brought the characters into a post-apocalyptic setting, Bruce Campbell—who notably played Ash Williams in both various Evil Dead features and television series—previously stated in an interview that when the series first aired, Starz was in the early days of a new “paradigm,” and suddenly, the low viewership led to the show’s cancellation.

Even long-time fans of the franchise were skeptical when it was first announced that the Evil Dead franchise would be receiving a television treatment. Upon its 2015 release, however, the series has proven to be an enormous treat for not only bringing back a familiar face but also delving into the franchise’s original timeline, all while presenting fresh faces, including the likes of Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Lucy Lawless, Jill Marie Jones, and Arielle Carver-O’Neill, as well as remarkable recurring cast members, such as Samara Weaving, Hemky Madera, and Lee Majors.

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About the Evil Dead Series

Campbell returned to the franchise as the same chainsaw-wielding Ash Williams, embarking on an equally bloody journey. After spending the last thirty years being his selfish, immature, and rude self—avoiding the world and all the responsibilities that come with it—Ash turns out to be mankind’s last hope when the world was plagued with the terrors of the deadites. Picking up where the 1992 Army of Darkness last left off, Ash vs. Evil Dead became one of Starz’ best shows to date, joining the streaming platform’s long list of bingeworthy series, including Gaslit, Blindspotting, and Da Vinci’s Demons, among many others. The series was created by Raimi, along with Ivan Raimi and Tom Spezialy.

Ash vs. Evil Dead is still streaming on Netflix, to say the least, but you heard the news: it will be leaving soon. So while there is still much time, you can catch up on the award-winning series before it’s too late. In the meantime, you can watch the Season 1 trailer below.

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