April 1, 2023

Are the Tories in the mood for an election?

There are rumours about that the Tories are switching into election mode, with an early autumn election on the cards.

The thinking is not that they will win, but that they will lose least badly then. To fuel that, they think that there is very little more that they can achieve by staying in office. And, they think Labour will make a mess of government so going to the country now brings forward the time when they can get back into office, after just one term on the Opposition benches.

I can see the argument. They have sorted Northern Ireland as much as they can. There is no more they can do on Brexit.

The small boat bill is toxic, and will not work, and they know it. But it has political merit for them at present, which will rapidly fade as the boats continue.

Strikes look like they will be solved with terrible deals being agreed by unions.

Inflation will fall. They do not want to wait for people to realise that prices will not fall as a result and growth will not happen.

And in parliament they have no idea what to do.

So, the rumours might have some foundation.

Equally, MPs desperate to not be unemployed may well beg for the last possible date.

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