December 11, 2023

Ahead Of Survivor And The Amazing Race Premieres, Former Champion Boston Rob Mariano Shares Thoughts On Super-Sized Episodes This Fall


CBS is on the verge of bringing reality mainstays Survivor and The Amazing Race back to primetime in the 2023 TV schedule, and this will be a special season for both shows. In a fall with many scripted series not returning due to the WGA strike, the two competition shows will be super-sized beyond their usual one-hour runtime. In fact, each episode will run for 90 minutes on CBS. Former Survivor champion and The Amazing Race contestant Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano spoke with CinemaBlend and shared his thoughts on the extra long episodes.

Survivor Season 45 and The Amazing Race Season 35 arrive in CBS’ 2023 fall schedule on Wednesday, September 27 with an extra half hour of airtime each. Boston Rob Mariano, who opened up about reuniting with The Amazing Race‘s Phil Keoghan for Secret Celebrity Renovation, has plenty of reality TV competition experience. When I spoke with him in support of the celebrity renovation series, I asked for his thoughts on his two former shows getting super-sized for the fall, and he shared:

They’ve been wanting it for a long time. I can remember [Jeff] Prosbt talking about it back in [Survivor] Season 40, about ‘There’s just so much good content. I wish we had more time to show it all. Just so much happens every episode.’ So now they’ll finally be able to, because a lot of it gets left on the cutting room floor. There’s nothing they can do. Every hour of television, it’s only 42 minutes of actual air. When you have so many great things happening, at some point you have to pick and choose what you can show because you only have so much time.

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