December 10, 2023

6397 Resort 2024 Collection | Vogue


If there is one look that defines 6397’s resort collection, it’s the sporty quarter-zip tank top paired with a tan pair of trousers with a skirt-like drape. It functions just like any other trousers and tank top, but the details make it so much more special. A lot of 6397’s utilitarian, minimalist pieces seem to ask the question: How much can you strip an idea down while retaining its essence? See: the V-neck tops with barely-there stripes. Don’t they vaguely remind you of a sports jersey? That long-sleeve top with the impossibly open scoop neck—when you think about it, it really looks like a ballerina’s leotard.

Creative director Stella Ishii started this season by thinking about really basic shapes. What she meant by basic wasn’t something straightforward like a white tee, but something simpler, like a single stretch of fabric wrapped around the body. That’s where those trousers come from, as well as a wrap-effect skirt, a caftan, and a blanket-like coat that hangs beautifully on the body. The rest of the collection is a study in subtlety. The loudest moment is the iridescent transparent wool top that goes from blue to orange. It underscores this “everything is not what it seems” theme.

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