November 30, 2023

2024 Presidential Election Betting Odds: Trump The Favorite, Newsom Gains, Haley Soars Higher, Ramaswamy Drops – DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG), Fox (NASDAQ:FOX)


Name Nov. 12, 2023 Oct. 3, 2023 Aug. 24, 2023 Aug. 2, 2023 June 2023 May 2023 April 2023 February 2023 November 2022 Donald Trump +137 +150 +200 +200 +250 +240 +250 +350 +330 Joe Biden +200 +200 +150 +162 +150 +150 +175 +250 +550 Gavin Newsom +600 +900 +1200 +1000 +2000 +3300 +4000 +2000 +1400 Nikki Haley +1200 +2000 +5000 +4000 +4000 +3300 +3500 +2000 +2800 Robert Kennedy Jr. +1600 +1400 +1600 +900 +1200 +1400 +10,000 N/A N/A Michelle Obama +1800 +1400 +1600 +2500 +2800 +3300 +4000 +3500 +3500 Ron DeSantis +2000 +2000 +1600 +1200 +450 +450 +350 +300 +225 Kamala Harris +3300 +2800 +3300 +3300 +3000 +2800 +2500 +1800 +1200 Vivek Ramaswamy +6600 +3300 +900 +1600 +6600 +8000


Along with the odds for the 2024 presidential election, Bet365 also has odds for the Republican nomination with the following candidates and their past odds in October.

Trump: -500 (-334)

DeSantis: +800 (+700)

Haley: +800 (+1,200)

Ramaswamy: +2800 (+1100)

Here are the odds for the Democratic party nomination:

Biden: -275

Newsom: +450

Obama: +1,000

Harris: +1,400

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Why It’s Important: Trump finds himself once again topping the betting odds for a second straight month. Trump’s odds improved from +150 to +137 from October to November with the 2024 presidential election officially less than a year away.

Biden continues to rank second with odds of +200, which comes after he was the favorite back in August and for several months.

Outside of the top two candidates, Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom ranks third, despite not being a current candidate in the race.

While Newsom hasn’t declared a run against Biden for the Democratic party nomination, he will take part in a planned debate with DeSantis that will air on Fox News, a unit of Fox Corporation FOXFOXA.

The event, which is being called “The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate,” will take place on Nov. 30 beginning at 9 p.m. ET and last for 90 minutes.

A strong reception for Newsom could lead to more interest in him running in the 2024 election.

After months of soaring up the polls and betting odds, Vivek Ramaswamy dropped down to +6,600 in the odds and is ranked ninth.

DeSantis holds steady with odds of +2,000 in November, the same he held in October. The betting odds, which see the Florida governor ranked seventh, are a far cry from being the betting favorite in months past with odds of +225 to +300.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley continues to gain in the betting odds, which comes as she has gained support in recent election polls. Haley is listed at odds of +1,200 ranking fourth in the betting odds. Haley had odds of +2,000 in October and odds of +5,000 in August. Haley held 9% of support from Republican voters in the latest Morning Consult weekly poll.

Michelle Obama, wife of former President Barack Obama, moves down the betting odds listed at +1,800 and ranking sixth. Obama has never said she was interested in running, but many point to her being a strong candidate if Biden were to drop out of the race.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who announced he would end his run for the Democratic nomination to run as an Independent, ranks fifth with odds of +1,600, in-line with recent months.

With Mike Pence and Tim Scott dropping out of the presidential election race, the pool of candidates running continues to shrink and could impact the overall betting odds going forward.

Republican candidate Chris Christie, who is still in the race, is listed with odds of +10,000, which come as he has hovered around 2% to 3% of support from Republican voters in recent polls.

On the prediction marketplace, PredictIt, Trump has passed Biden ranking first at 39 cents, followed by the current president at 38 cents, Newsome at 13 cents and Haley at 8 cents. On PredictIt, the winner pays out $1 for each market.

For the GOP nomination, Trump leads on PredictIt at 75 cents, followed by Haley at 18 cents, DeSantis at 8 cents and Ramaswamy at 4 cents. This marked a gain for Trump, Haley and DeSantis and a drop for Ramaswamy from October.

Among Democrat candidates on PredictIt, Biden is listed at 67 cents, dropping from 70 cents in October. Newsom and Harris are ranked second and third at 24 cents and 7 cents respectively.

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